Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spontaneous Cup Form

OK, here is a pot for consideration (video below). I am big on altering and have recently been playing around with pinching, folding, darting...not sure what to call it. I have done mugs and tumblers where I pinch the clay from the outside to reshape the pot. This time around I though I would try to pinch it from the inside. Due to the way the clay was stretched out, I needed to cut and rejoin the top in order to keep a good shape to the cup.

Once I had everything re-assembled I was very excited by this cup. I held onto it for a few weeks, because I was at a loss for glazing. I am curious to hear what you think about this cup and your ideas on how you would approach glazing. FYI, it has been glaze fired and I will do another post with the completed pot after hearing back from you all. Thanks!


Jerry said...

Seems the video is not wanting to work. This is the first time I have ever tried to post a vid. I'll see if I can fix it. Sorry!

Ben Stark said...

The video seems to be working fine on my end. I have always been a big fan of really altered forms, but have never really attempted much myself. I like this cup quite a lot--it has a really organic and almost human feeling to it. I am also curious about the glazing as well. When I picture it finished, I see it lightly burnished, an oxide wash on the outside and maybe just a liner glaze on the inside. The only issues I have with the cup are in regards to function. While the folding gives it a lot of interest and really adds to the feel of the cup, it might make it hard to clean. The folds may trap stuff. Maybe just smooth the fold on the inside. Then again, you may not be worried about function at all :)

Linda Starr said...

I like this new form, particularly the outside with the three indentations on either side of the fold. I am wondering how the inside fold would look with the top creases rounded or blended into one another?

I recently made some folded or undulating bowl forms and I had a hard time getting the glaze to go inside the folds, without overglazing other parts. I used two different glazes on my bowls and let some of the outside drizzle in and the inside drizzle out. I like Ben's idea of the oxide on the outside and liner inside for your cup. I will be curious to see how you glazed it.

Judy Shreve said...

The form is great - your altering gives it an almost human/sculptural form.
I agree with the others that you should post it again after it's glazed.

carole epp said...

I just found your blog, what a fantastic idea! Good critical feedback is always lacking when we're making all alone in the studio.
I'll be looking forward to seeing more!


Shazieh Gorji said...

well i am curious to know what the clay is to be able to comment on glazing. it woulddepend upon what temperature it could reach....i am assuming it's terracotta from the colour?? don tell:-) the form is very fluid..most enjoyable

Teri said...

Your little pot turned out amazing.
I am just mentioning the photos that I have seen. Love the color and the way the glaze melted on the surface.