Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spontaneous Cup Form Follow-Up

So after much procrastination, I finally have gotten a picture of the finished product from the previous post. If memory serves me correctly, I glazed the entire cup in amber and then sprayed oribe in the crevice, heavy in the middle and feathering it out. I thought that I had put on enough of the accent glaze, but I think not. As you can see, it was pretty much a dud. The only thing that I really like about it are the "buttons" at the top. They got a very nice flecking. Now I just need to remember if I had done anything special in them. I am usually very good about writing down what I have done, but it wasn't in my journal, so hopefully I jotted it down in my spiral.

There you have it. If I do this again, I will definitely use iron oxide on the outside with a liner glaze, most likely oribe or black. Thanks for all of the comments on the first post. They have definitely influenced my current work (see my other blog for that).


mel said...

Unfortunately my pieces NEVER look as I imagine them to look like. Therefore I can understand your frustration :) But I still think it looks very nice, especially since all the details are still visible.

Linda Starr said...

Jerry, this is not a dud! I hope you dig up your notes. The amber glaze is wonderful, is this cone 10 - do you have a recipe for the amber glaze? I can't believe what oribe has done over amber - it has beautiful colors like aurora borealis - it's beautiful and the speckling looks like teadust. I like it a lot.

WildMagnolia said...

What you callin' dud??? I think not. It's beautiful. Don't be so hard on yourself.

michele d.

Brianna! said...



TropiClay Studio said...

You've got a winner there my friend! It turned out beautifully! Mel was right... my finished work NEVER turns out like it looked in my mind, before the firing. Just keep looking at it, handling it, and it will begin to grow on you.